Thursday, March 17, 2011

Suzanne Selfors Interview

I'm excited to welcome the fantastic and funny Suzanne Selfors to The Book Scout today! I loved her newest release Mad Love and am anxious to read more by her in the future!

1.If Alice and Katrina could spend a day together, what would they do?

Wow, you're really making me think here. What would Katrina, the main character from Coffeehouse Angel, and Alice, the main character from Mad Love, do? Since they both work very hard at their "jobs", trying to keep their families in tact, I think they'd probably want to spend the day hanging out on the beach with their adorable boyfriends, swimming, taking it easy. I think they'd like each other.

2. You have a variety of middle grade and YA novels published, what do you like best about each age group?

Writing for middle grade is fun because you can basically do whatever you want. Man-eating tortoises, orphaned merbabies, cloud-copters--your imagination is your only limit. Kids that age will accept magic in all its crazy forms. And they don't require or expect romance. :)

Writing for teens is very different. The story almost always needs romantic tension, this is the most challenging thing for me to write. And I usually write these novels in first person because I think teen readers like to get into the character's head. This is also a challenge.

3. The paperback cover of COFFEEHOUSE ANGEL is quite different from the hardcover, do you have a preference of which one you like best?

I like them both. The hardcover is great because the two models look exactly like my characters. Exactly. So that was fun to see. The paperback is great because it gives an entirely different feel and I think it will attract a different set of readers.

4. What's next for you writing wise?

My next middle grade book, Smells Like Treasure, comes out May 2011. It's a sequel to Smells Like Dog, and I'm really happy with it. I'm currently working on the first draft of my next teen novel. The story is a secret but I will give a little hint -- it's a fairytale. This book will release in 2012.


Thanks so much for stopping by Suzanne! Be sure to check out my review of Mad Love and Suzanne's website!


  1. Cute interview!
    I really liked Coffeehouse Angel and I can't wait to get Mad Love.
    And Fairy Tale future story! I'm son in for that!

  2. I think that's what I like about middle grade books too. They can be silly and no one minds.

  3. Love the interview! Sadly, I have never read her books but I have read many great reviews on Mad Love and I can't wait to get myself a copy. This little fairytale she mentioned on the last question-I am too excited!

  4. Great interview! I love the question/answer about Alice and Katrina spending a day together- that would make for such a great short story topic.


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