Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Beautiful Dead: Summer by Eden Maguire

Beautiful Dead: Book Three- Summer by Eden Maguire
In order to spend time with her undead boyfriend, Phoenix, Darina must help solve the murder of the third member of the Beautiful Dead. The gorgeous and talented singer/songwriter Summer Madison was shot dead in broad daylight by a crazed killer. Will Darina be able to solve the mystery in time to save Summer from eternal limbo?


This series is dark and romantic and full of twists and turns. After reading and enjoying the first two books in the series I was eager to start this one. In Beautiful Dead: Summer we are introduced to the third member of the Beautiful Dead teenage quartet- Summer. Summer was a breath of fresh air, so full of light and love, even in the afterlife. Her death was tragic- a random shopping mall shooting... or was it random? Our human main character, Darina, is assigned the mission of solving the mystery behind Summer's death and thus setting Summer free and letting her pass on peacefully.

Darina is a main character so different and unlike any other. Her sass and spunk added a fun side to the story and kept the plot moving even when things got emotional. She learned a lot about herself in this addition to the series and her life actually started to go back to normal. Darina was able to spend time with some of the secondary characters, including Phoenix's younger brother. Her boyfriend, Phoenix, is still one of the Beautiful Dead but their time together is running out. Although they did gett to spend more time together and let their relationship continue to grow even when separated by such a terrible boundary.

While some parts of the book seemed a little too repetitive of the previous two, there were some intriguing and intense scenes and new sub-plots that made me want to keep reading and reading. Eden Maguire has a writing style different from so many authors and it adds a dark and mysterious tone to the series. She has created a cast of characters that each play a key role in the story and the reader becomes invested in wanting the best for them.

I would really only recommend picking this up if you've read the previous two novels as a lot of things tie together in this book. You may not entirely understand who the Beautiful Dead are and why they are there unless you've read Jonas and Arizona.

Overall, this was a satisfying and twisted addition to the Beautiful Dead series. I recommend picking this book up especially if you've read the first two, you'll want to know what happens to Summer and the rest of the characters. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the fourth, and final, book- Phoenix!

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

March 1, 2011/Sourcebooks/262 Pages/Young Adult/Book Three

Source: Publisher (ARC)
Other books in the series: Jonas, Arizona, and Phoenix


  1. Nice review! I remember seeing this series around last year too. Its good to hear that its easy to get invested in the characters.

  2. This sounds awesome! I'm so reading it. If I can find it at my library.


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