Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Specials (3)

Cool new blogs!

Dahlia @ The Book Shopaholic
"Dahlia is a big book shopper addicted to buying books. She reviews chick-lit, romance, fantasy, paranormal romance, and historical fiction, anything Young Adult Fiction. In her blog you will see book reviews, contests, and other cool stuff about books. Currently having a contest: 2 winners get to pick 1 of 6 books. Contest Link:"

Jessica Secret @ Shut Up! I'm Reading
"Mostly dedicated to young adult fantay/urban fantasty/sci-fi, expect lots of book reviews, memes, interviews, and contests!"

Veronica @ The Veronica Project
"Well, I mainly blog on random stuff in my life, reviews on ANYTHING (from books to anime to music!), and all that stuff! :) I plan on making my blog DIFFERENT than others (not by looks) but more by how I'm gonna do things. Like, so far, I'm doing Devoured Tuesdays and Waiting on Wednesdays. I plan to do in IMM (In My Mailbox) as soon as I start to win contests and receive stuff for free and trade books and yeah... ;)"

Haley @ The Life (and Lies) Of An Inanimate Flying Object
"I post Book reviews, contests, rants about religion school and politics, my songs, cool links I want to share, and samplings of my books that I'm writing, knitting patterns, and just about everything else."

Definitely check out these great blogs soon!

Any new blogger who is interested in being featured on Saturday Specials please fill out this form.


  1. Great post, I see a few familiar faces.


  2. Great post! Good to know more bloggers. :)

  3. Thanks for the new blogs, and thanks so much for including me! (Even though my description was BEYOND lame.)

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  5. Great new blogs, I'm going to check them out right now! :)


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