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Days of Little Texas Review

Days of Little Texas by R.A. Nelson
Publisher: Knopf
Release date: July 14, 2009
Source: Flamingnet
Other books by this author: Breathe My Name and Teach Me

Welcome, all ye faithful—and otherwise—to a ghost story, a romance, and a reckoning unlike anything you’ve read before. Acclaimed YA author R. A. Nelson delivers a tantalizing tale set in the environs of the evangelical revival circuit and centered around Ronald Earl, who at ten became the electrifying “boy wonder” preacher known as Little Texas. Now sixteen, though the faithful still come and roar with praise and devotion, Ronald Earl is beginning to have doubts that he is worthy of and can continue his calling. Doubts that only intensify when his faith and life are tested by a mysterious girl who he was supposed to have healed, but who is now showing up at the fringe of every stop on the circuit. Is she merely devoted, or is she haunting him? Fascinating and original, this is an unusual story whose reverb will be deeply felt and which will inspire lively book discussion.


R.A. Nelson has officially been established as one of my favorite authors. I loved his other book Breathe My Name and I loved Days of Little Texas as well. It was such a unique topic and one I’ve never read about before. Ronald Earl was a fantastic main character and his first person narrative was great, it really kept the story moving. I’m not a religious person so a book about a prodigal minister made me a little unsure. I actually learned a lot about the Bible and religion in general that I probably would never have known. It was especially interesting to read it from the point of view of the minister. I loved all the characters and each one was developed and interesting. Sugar Tom, Certain Certain, Wanda Joy… they all had a great place in the book.

The plot was great, too. There was a lot of cool historical facts, and the ghost angle made me enjoy the book that much more. There were many times when I was holding my breathe, nervously wondering what was going to happen. Each chapter left me eager to read more. By the end I couldn’t stop reading, it was so exciting. Days of Little Texas was a mix of mystery, excitement, love, and religion. It was well written and I would highly recommend it.

The narrator was a male, and as a girl, I seem to always drift towards books with female main characters. Ronald Earl or “Little Texas” was an amazing character and I loved him from the beginning. I’m so glad I read this novel and want to get a copy of Nelson’s first book, Teach Me soon.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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