Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Return (and some updates!)

Hello everyone!

I realize I have been MIA for the past two months, but the end of senior year is by no means easy! As I worked through all my college plans, started a summer job, and made plans for graduation, I took a short break from blogging. Now that the year is winding down, I'm ready to get back to posting regularly again and can't wait to catch up on all the great books I've had to set aside.

Here are just a few updates I wanted to share with everyone:

- I will be attending the University of Florida in the fall! 
    I cannot wait to move down to Gainesville and start enjoying the warm weather! My major is going to be Wildlife Conservation and Ecology.

- My graduation is June 19th!
  I only have a couple more weeks of school left and it seems so surreal! I'm looking forward to enjoying my last summer as a non-college student before moving down south in August!

- I attended BEA!
  I was able to make it to BEA for one day this year and had a great time. I'll be posting about my experience some time soon!

It has been a busy last few months and until graduation I'll still have a lot on my plate, but I'm excited to get back into blogging!


  1. Welcome back, and congrats on college! Sounds like things have been super busy for you, but I'm looking forward to seeing all your reviews over the summer :)

  2. Congrats on graduating, and I hear the University of Florida is wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about BEA. :)

  3. YAY! You're back! I hope you enjoy University in the fall! Congrats!

  4. Welcome back! And congrats on getting into the University of Florida! That's awesome!!

  5. I'm happy you're back! Can't wait to see what you have ready to post! And good luck at college! I still have another year to go, and then I'll be in the same position you are!


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