Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

So, I may have broken my rule about never seeing a movie without reading the book first, but I think it was completely worth it in the case of Warm Bodies. This was such a great movie!


The actors

 I had only seen Theresa Palmer in one other movie, I Am Number Four, and she was a total badass! She brought it even more in Warm Bodies. Her character, Julie, could take care of herself and did not need anyone to help her out.

R, was awesome! I loved his character and Nicholas Hoult is completely gorgeous. I can't believe both he is British (and Teresa Australian!), they disguised their accents so well!

The secondary characters, M and Nora, were both awesome. I loved how witty and strong they both were. Annaleigh Tipton, who I first saw in Crazy, Stupid Love is definitely under appreciated, she is hilarious!

The plot

Warm Bodies was not a straight-up zombie horror fest, but a love story. There was still plenty of intense action, though. The plot was very fast paced and there were many times the entire audience was laughing out loud. This was a simple, but highly entertaining love story and anyone who claims it's the "zombie version of Twilight" has NOT seen the movie!

The romance

There was such chemistry between Theresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult and I adored all of their scenes together. Watching R struggle with his growing feelings for Julie and to watch Julie begin to realize her feelings for R was so sweet to watch. This had a bit of a Romeo and Juliet feel to it and it made things all the more intense and romantic.


All in all, I highly recommend going to see Warm Bodies. It is a romantic, funny, and action-packed film that will make you rethink everything you have ever thought about zombies. Theresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult definitely proved themselves as leading actors and I can't wait to see what is next for them. I am off to track down a copy of the book!

Have you seen Warm Bodies? What did you think? 


  1. I read Warm Bodies in preparation to see the movie, but I haven't yet! I'm glad you liked it. I enjoyed the book but I thought the movie looked like it was going to be better and funnier. However, my friend said I should just wait to watch it on DVD so I don't have to pay the crazy ticket prices. I definitely still want to see it though.

  2. My boyfriend and I are planning to go and see this. I actually ordered the book so I can read it first.

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