Saturday, May 19, 2012

Catching Up!

Hi Everyone!

I'm slowing catching up on writing reviews and tackling my ever growing stack of review books! I had to take a break for about a month because of AP tests, SATs, and the amount of work junior year was throwing at me. I finally finished my last AP test and now just have to get through finals. What a relief!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck it out and I am excited to get involved in the community once again and dive back into all of the books I had to set aside!


  1. Good luck with finals and enjoy the review books :)

  2. Best of luck! I see you're currently reading Pride and Prejudice (or perhaps its been set aside for now due to exams) but its one of the best books ever! Hope you love it! Try Austen's Persuasion after this if you do! Looking forward to reading more blog posts here and I really like your website banner!


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