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Review: After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel

After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel 

Aimee and Alan have secrets. Both teens have unusual pasts and abilities they prefer to keep hidden. But when they meet each other, in a cold Maine town, they can't stop their secrets from spilling out. Strange things have been happening lately, and they both feel that something-or someone- is haunting them. They're wrong. Despite their unusual history and powers, it's neither Aimee nor Alan who is truly haunted. It's Alan's cousin Courtney who, in a desperate plea to find her missing father, has invited a demon into her life-and into her body. Only together can Aimee and Alan exorcise the ghost. And they have to move quickly, before it devours not just Courtney but everything around her.


I am a big fan of Carrie Jones' Need series and have been looking forward to reading more by her. When I heard she had a new book coming out I was beyond excited. After Obsession was co-written with Steven E. Wedel and was told in alternating perspectives. I did enjoy After Obsession, but still felt there was a lot missing to make it the spectacular, heart pounding read I was hoping for. I never truly connected with any of the characters and the "scariness" was never really there for me. Overall, this was an entertaining read that I finished in a few hours, but it still didn't live entirely up to my expectations. 

After Obsession was told from two points of view: Aimee and Alan. Aimee is the good girl, always doing well in school and respecting her family, and Alan is the new guy in town. His cousin, Courtney, is Aimee's best friend, and after Courtney's father goes missing, Aimee and Alan are forced to work together. Courtney  has become possessed by a demon and it's up to Aimee and Alan to save her before it's too late. 

The plot was very original and I can't recall ever reading a young adult book about demon possession before. There were a lot of intense moments and even a few that truly creeped me out. But these moments were few and far between. I wish After Obsession was even scarier! The plot did move at a swift pace and keep me guessing, though, and I was invested in the story. The Native American mythology and the demon mystery were my favorite parts and I loved how Carrie and Steven wove them into the story. 

Aimee and Alan were very interesting characters, but I never felt their romantic connection. The alternating chapters worked quite well and always left me eager to continue reading, but I felt the two main characters were not as well developed as they could have been. Although I did adore Aimee's grandfather and little brother, they each played a small role in the book, but I liked them nonetheless. 

By the end I was on the edge of my seat a few times and I was rooting for Aimee and Alan to succeed. After Obsession was not as good I was hoping, but it is still worth a read. I love Carrie's Need series, so if Carrie and Steven write another book together I will definitely give it a shot. If you're looking for a scream fest, I wouldn't recommend After Obsession, but if you're looking for an entertaining and, at times, creepy mystery definitely give it a shot. 

Overall: 3 out of 5 stars

September 13, 2011/Bloomsbury USA Childrens/305 Pages/Young Adult

Source: Publisher/BEA (ARC)

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  1. Bummer to hear this one wasn't quite as awesome as you were hoping. But I'm kinda intrigued by a blending of Judeo-Christian world building (the demon possession) and Native American mythology--can't say I've ever seen those two blended together before.



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