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Review: Secrets of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway

Secrets of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway

Morgan is a National Disaster.

Morgan Abbott couldn’t be happier. Super-cute Max has quit her Secret Service detail to be her (secret) boyfriend, and the annoying Brittany Whittaker has been ousted from class president, leaving the post open for Morgan! Life is pretty sweet.

Now Morgan just has to tackle college applications—but she has so much else to juggle that looking that far ahead seems impossible! Good thing she’s graceful under pressure . . . well, sometimes.

A trip to London should be just the thing to take her mind off all the craziness, but true to form, chaos follows Morgan wherever she goes—and the trip turns into an international disaster. Can she make it right? Or will she cause a royal mess?


The First Daughter series is one of my favorites for when I'm looking for a light and entertaining read with heart. After devouring Confessions of a First Daughter in one sitting I was anxious for the sequel to be released. I finally got around to reading it all these months later and I can say one thing- I was not disappointed! Cassidy Calloway upped the excitement levels by taking things internationally and the romance was an even more important aspect of this novel. Morgan's character developed a lot more and I was able to finish this one in a couple of hours.

To continue on the subject of Morgan, she is an extremely likable and real character. Considering she is the President's daughter, you may think Morgan Abbott would be living a perfect, organized life. But you would be wrong. Morgan is happy at the moment, even though she has a lot of stress with college applications and the SATs. She is finally with the boy she loves- Max- and her nemesis Brittany has been forced to relinquish her spot as class president. But just before Morgan's mother announces that they are going to be taking a trip to London, everything starts to fall apart. Blackmail, creepy guys, secrets, and more combine to make this an intriguing and exciting read. I was cheering Morgan on from the start and always wanted the best for her. She certainly is someone I would like to befriend in real life.

There is more expansion on a few of the other characters in Secrets of a First Daughter, including the introduction of a few new ones. Brittany, Hannah, Rich, and Max are back and each of them has a key role in this story. Hannah is an excellent best friend for Morgan and I loved reading about their adventures in London and each of their romances. George, Morgan's new (female) Secret Service agent also had a large role in this story. At first I wasn't sure about George, but the more I read about her the more I liked her.

London is one of my favorite cities in the world and I adored seeing all of the sights and destinations through Morgan's eyes. She met some interesting people and had some wild experiences while there. Morgan's antics often bring a smile to my face and her time in London was no exception.

A lot of new plot developments occurred in Secrets of a First Daughter and Morgan had to deal with some difficult things. Luckily, she had Hannah and Max on her side and her mom as well. Max and Morgan's relationship is slow-moving and sweet and it makes it that much more believable.

Secrets of a First Daughter was a fun and engaging sequel to Confessions of a First Daughter and I'm eager to see if Ms. Calloway will write a third novel involving Morgan, Max, and the rest. This is the perfect book for anyone looking for a quick, entertaining read, but I do suggest picking up book one in the series first. All in all, I enjoyed this a lot and felt this was the perfect sequel to Confessions of a First Daughter.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

September 1, 2010/HarperTeen/208 Pages/Young Adult/Book Two

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