Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Tour: Interview with Ann Aguirre

1. Considering you previously wrote adult novels, what made you decide to make the transition into young adult?

This was a book I just had to write and due to the age of the protagonists and the worldbuilding, it made the story natural for YA.

2. The title and cover for ENCLAVE both changed completely before the final product was released. What was the reason for the changes? Are you happy with the outcome?

Certainly. Feiwel wanted to market to a wider audience. The prior title and cover were more genre fiction, and they were afraid a couple on the cover would limit my readership. They wanted a broader appeal in cover and title, and I think they did a marvelous job in making it feel like a "big" book. People certainly seem excited anyway.

3. Can you tell us anything about the next two books in the series?

They're tentatively entitled OUTPOST and HORDE. At this point, that's all I'm prepared to say. Titles may change, as this one did, but I hope not because I like those, and I'm rather attached to them. Also, sorry about the wait. Feiwel wants y'all hungry when the next book comes out. *g* OUTPOST is drafted, and I'll be revising it, according to my editor's feedback. I do know how it all ends, though, and I'm super excited to finish the trilogy.

4. Do you like to travel? If so, what are some of your favorite places to visit?

I love to travel, and it's beyond awesome that I get to do it for book research. I went to Peru this year for Shady Lady. I'll be poking around caves in Oaxaca later this spring for that same reason too. I can't wait until we go to Europe, as I've never been. We also took a research trip to Catemaco for Shady Lady.

5. I read on your website that before becoming a full time writer you had a variety of interesting jobs. Can you elaborate on some of them? (Clown, voice actress, etc?)

I recall driving in my car in full clown regalia and getting double-takes at stoplights. Sometimes people took pictures of me. Mostly, I worked gas station grand openings and the like, passing out free hot dogs and popcorn, filling up balloons with helium and giving them to children. It was rather a miserable gig for someone with mild coulrophobia. Ironic, though.


Thanks so much for stopping by Ann! I loved the answers to your questions :) Be sure to visit her website to find out more about her and her awesome books. Also, my review for ENCLAVE will be up soon, so be sure to stop back by for that!

The intense trailer:


  1. Enclave sounds like a great book! I'm curious about the couple that was originally supposed to be on the cover and what the new cover has to do with the book. Guess I'll have to wait and see!

  2. You always asks such great questions. The clown one is funny.

  3. I was really hoping there might be a small tidbit about Outpost :P I am so looking forward to that one, as I am in love with Enclave.


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