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Blog Tour: Sarah Ockler Guest Post and Giveaway!

                                                                                                                                             YA Novel Mashup: Fixing Delilah's Aunt Rachel Reads the Tarot for Twenty Boy Summer's Anna & Frankie 
In the story of Fixing Delilah, Delilah's Aunt Rachel reads Tarot cards. While Delilah initially views her aunt's readings as a funky and cool but ultimately pointless endeavor, she comes to appreciate the cards and to truly respect the messages the universe conveys through Rachel's interpretations (which are quite insightful and accurate, particularly in matters of the heart, despite Delilah's best efforts to discount them).  
To celebrate the launch of Fixing Delilah, Aunt Rachel has decided to make a house call, sharing her card-reading gift with two very special girls: best friends Anna Reiley and Frankie Perino from the book Twenty Boy Summer. 
After asking each participant to state her full name and cut the cards, Aunt Rachel will do a three-card spread, representing the past, the present, and the future.  
 Now, let's see what's in the cards for our friends from Twenty Boy Summer...  
Anna's Reading 
 Anna's Reading  

The past card: King of Swords 
The present card: Five of Cups 
The future card: Ace of Swords  
Aunt Rachel's Thoughts:  When we think about the people in our lives, the King of Swords typically represents a man who is fair, analytical, and extremely diplomatic. In some cases, this kind of person tends toward intellect over emotion, especially in matters of love. Kings often represent fathers, but I think in this reading, the King represents Matt. Though he was very much in love with Anna, he was also looking at things quite logically -- maybe too logically -- when considering how to break the news to Frankie about he and Anna's new relationship. He was so worried about hurting Frankie's feelings that he asked Anna to keep their secret against Anna's wishes -- a secret that ultimately had pretty disastrous consequences. Anna's relationship with Matt influenced her present situation, represented by the next card -- the Five of Cups. 
 I'm not surprised that the Five of Cups turned up in Anna's spread. This card represent loss and disappointment, overturned emotions, and even abandonment or betrayal. It's a card of grieving, but it's also one of my favorite cards because if you look closely, you'll notice that some of the cups are still upright. This card tells us that even after an immense loss, good things still remain, if we can only stop and see them. In Anna's situation, she's so stuck in her grief for Matt that she's afraid to move on, even though a new love may be right in front of her eyes. The Five of Cups is telling her to look up, to be open to new possibilities, despite the difficulties of the past.   
Anna's future card, The Ace of Swords, is a card of intellect, strength, and courage. In this case, I believe it represents Anna's inner strength and ability to "rise from the ashes" of the tragedy of losing Matt and all of the difficult changes her friendship with Frankie has endured. If she can overcome the adversity in her life -- if she can "seize the sword," so to speak -- I'm confident she'll find her way again. She'll create a life rich with love and beauty strengthened but not defined by the memory of her first love. 
 Frankie's Reading
  Frankie's Reading  
The past card: Nine of Wands 
The present card: Four of Wands 
The future card: King of Swords  
Aunt Rachel's thoughts:  Nines represent the completion of a cycle -- the final approach to the ending of something. In Frankie's case, I believe it represents the ending of her relationship with her older brother Matt. Not just because he died, but because he found love with Anna, and though Frankie didn't know the reason, he'd already begun to pull away from her, forging new bonds with "the girl next door" that was their mutual friend for so long. The Nine of Wands in particular points to a fortification of sorts -- a protector or well-defended person. I believe this card represents Matt's concern for Frankie about how she'd take the news of their relationship. He was always extremely protective of his sister, but as much as he tried to protect her from life's pains and troubles, he couldn't protect her from the pain of losing him.
Now, it may seem surprising that the Four of Wands turned up in Frankie's present position. This is typically a positive, happy card that symbolizes blessings, ceremonies, celebrations, and a happy family. Currently, Frankie's life is about as far from this picture as you can get. Her brother died. Her best friend is keeping secrets. Her parents are just not there. But I think despite the circumstances of her life right now, deep in her heart, this card is exactly what Frankie most desires right now. She remembers a time not so long ago when her family was happy and close -- when there was lots to celebrate. Now, on her first family vacation without her big brother, she's struggling with these memories. In many ways, her memories have become her present, because she feels like the memories are the only good thing left in her life.   
Where the King of Swords appeared as Anna's past card in a more positive light, it's here representing Frankie's future, and I see it as a warning. While Frankie desires a happy home life and close relationships with her friends and family again, on her current trajectory, she's headed for disaster. Like the darker, shadow qualities of the King, Frankie can be aloof and aggressive, pushing people away instead of inviting them in. If she's not careful, she's going to end up alone, alienating those she loves most. With a card like this in her future position, given her present life circumstances, Frankie really needs to wake up. Like Anna, Frankie has so much potential for a life full of love and happiness -- she's just got to open her eyes and realize how her behavior is hurting people -- especially herself. Hope isn't lost -- Frankie is a fierce, independent girl with a lot of love to offer the world. She just has to learn how to channel her feelings more positively, especially when things get tough. If she can do that, even if it makes her vulnerable, she'll find her way back to the good things in life. Especially with a friend like Anna by her side.  
So that's what the universe wanted to tell Anna and Frankie from Twenty Boy Summer! If you'd like to see more of Aunt Rachel's powers of intuition at work, check out Fixing Delilah, where the Tarot speaks of family secrets, old rifts, and my favorite... a hot new romance (artistic boys in coffee shops, anyone?)! ;-)  
Thanks for reading!  
XO Sarah
Thanks so much to Sarah and The Teen Book Scene for arranging the tour!
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  1. I love tarot cards! I use them in my classroom for creative writing projects. My students really get into it. I love the idea of having a reading for characters in a book. I'm definitely going to steal that one!

    Thanks for the giveaway, too!

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    I really enjoyed reading this post! It was very creative! :)

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