Friday, November 5, 2010

Find Out Friday: Michele Bell and Giveaway!

1. Did you put parts of your own life into Summer in Paris?

I have to say that with all of my books I do put a lot of myself into them. People who know me and read my books tell me that they can totally see me in the books. Most of the time its an unconscious thing, but sometimes I will actually put events or experiences in my stories. Summer in Paris reflects a lot of the angst I remember having as a teen and the feeling of wanting to fit but not wanting to give up my personal standards or change who I was to fit in. That's what I love about writing, I can make my characters do and say things that I would never dare do or say.

2. In what ways do you relate to your main character Kenzie?

Kenzie and I aren't very much alike except for the fact that we are both driven when it comes to making our dreams come true. I loved how she became determined to not let anything get in her way. That's how I am and that's the only way I was able to get published. I can say that part of Kenzie is based upon my daughter who is studying dance in New York City. She had a dream of dancing at the School of American Ballet, and I just have to say, she worked hard and made it happen. She will start her second year there in the fall, as a Senior in High School. So never be afraid of dreaming big because dreams do come true.

3. When did you decide you wanted to write? Was there a certain idea that inspired you to write Summer in Paris?

Ever since I was in third grade, I have loved books and reading. I've also always loved writing in my journal and expressing my thoughts and feelings on paper. But it wasn't until I was 26, with two young children that I actually decided to try writing. I checked out some "how to" books at the library and read them and started messing around with it. Then I took a creative writing class through the community education program and had a teacher who really encouraged me. I loved it so much I decided I wanted to get serious about it and get published. It took me ten years but I did it.

4. If you could befriend Kenzie with any other character (movie or book) who would it be and why?

Definitely Jacob Black because he is so hot and he would protect her and take care of her and she could help him forget about that loser, Bella. They would be really good together.

5. What is one time period you would love to be able to travel back to?

If I could travel in time I would totally go forward and hopefully get to live in space. But your question was about going back in time, so I would say the 50's. I have a thing for the clothes back then and am obsessed with Doris Day movies and Audrey Hepburn movies. I think it would be fun to visit the Victorian Era too.


Thanks so much, Michele!

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  1. That was a great interview!
    Heeh, I'd love to live in the Victorian era too, but only for a little while, I need y modern comforts! lol

  2. Thanks so much for posting the interview and book giveaway. I hope readers will give the book a try. You're awesome, Kelsey!

  3. Very good interview! I couldn't help but laugh at her 4th answer when she put down Bella like that. XD Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cool interview Michele seems so down to earth. LOL at answer to question 4


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