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Bloodthirsty Review

Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney
Publisher: Poppy
Release date: October 5, 2010
Source: Publisher

Some vampires are good. Some are evil. Some are faking it to get girls. Awkward and allergic to the sun, sixteen-year-old Finbar Frame never gets the girl. But when he notices that all the female students at his school are obsessed with a vampire romance novel called Bloodthirsty, Finbar decides to boldly go where no sane guy has gone before-he becomes a vampire, minus the whole blood sucking part. With his brooding nature and weirdly pale skin, it's surprisingly easy for Finbar to pretend to be paranormal. But, when he meets the one girl who just might like him for who he really is, he discovers that his life as a pseudo-vampire is more complicated than he expected. This hilarious debut novel is for anyone who believes that sometimes even nice guys-without sharp teeth or sparkly skin-- can get the girl.


What a hilarious and original debut novel! I was sucked into Bloodthirsty right away and had a hard time putting it down. It was fast paced, fun, and interesting, and kept me constantly wondering how things would turn out.

I loved Finbar! He was such a realistic and awesome main character. I felt for him right away and only wanted the best for him throughout the story. His experiences and antics were truly hilarious and I loved how vampires played such a refreshing and unique role in this story.

Finbar Frame is just a regular, geeky teenager struggling to find his place in the world (alongside his sporty, super-popular twin brother Luke). Finbar had it hard enough always being compared to his brother, but to top it off he was skinny, pale, and stuck with the name Finbar. He also had terrible luck with girls. The best part of this novel was how contemporary and realistic it was. Fin could be anyone and the vampire craze that is a key plot point in this novel is definitely going on in my school as well, or at least it was when the Twilight mania was at it's peak. Finbar comes up with a great idea to get girls- pretend to be a vampire.

It was just so perfect an idea for Finbar. Vampirism just came naturally to him (minus drinking blood) and soon he had a number of people fooled. The plot was highly entertaining and kept me wanting to read all the time. I just had to know how things were going to end up for Fin! Fin's character was so developed and just amazingly boy that I could not believe it when I found out the author was really a female! She did an amazing job of getting into the head of a teenage boy!

The other characters were great as well. Especially Kate. She was the one girl that loved Finbar for who he was. She was a really complex character and as the story goes on the reader, and Fin, learn a little more about her. Even though Finbar and Kate were so different, they fit together perfectly.

Overall, Bloodthirsty is a fun, original, and enjoyable debut novel that will leave readers anxious to read more by Flynn Meaney. Males and females will both enjoy this. If you're tired of vampire novels and the typical tall, dark, handsome, and brooding male lead, definitely try out Bloodthirsty and even if you are a die hard Twilight fan, you may be surprised by how much you enjoy this!

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. Great review. Can't wait to read it. I remember Melissa Marr saying this one of her favourite upcoming releases :)


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