Thursday, June 10, 2010

T2T: Heidi R. Kling Interview

Did you put parts of yourself or people you know into Sienna?

Definitely parts of myself. I think Sienna and I are a lot alike in a lot
of ways.

In what ways has your husbands work inspired your writing?

The long story is on my website--but the story was inspired by his
real-life volunteer work in Indo.

If you weren't a writer, what other occupation would you have?

I've written and directed children's theatre, worked as activities leader
at a nursing home, a camp counselor a zillion times, a costume shop--I'd
still be doing a mix above, well, now my primary job is playing with my
kids, which is the BEST job (other than authoring) so I'd be a full-time
mom directing some theatre on the side and trying to get my book published.

If you could befriend Sienna with any other YA character, who would it be?
OOh good one. Maybe Peeta from The Hunger Games. She'd appreciate him more
than Katniss does. Kidding, kidding!

What has been your favorite place to travel? Or, what is one place you'd
love to visit in the future?

I love Europe. I've been to Italy three times--I adore France, especially
Paris. I liked Turkey and Greece a whole lot. I love traveling in the U.S.
too--if I could spend a summer on a dude ranch in Wyoming I so would. I dig
cowboys and clean, mountain air. Ooh, I smell a new book coming on. ;-)

Thanks so much, Heidi!

Click here to visit Heidi's website.

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  1. She liked Turkey? YAY! I so want to know where she went... because if it was Istanbul, Izmir is WAY cooler. :) I'm so looking forward to see! Had it as my WoW this week!

  2. Wonderful interview! Your questions were good and different and Heidi's answers were so interesting! I really need to pick up her book.

  3. Haha @ the Peeta comment! Classic :)

    Great interview :)

  4. Great interview. She certainly is well traveled, and with such a stellar review from you I have to read this one!


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