Sunday, June 13, 2010

In My Mailbox (40) + My New ARC Tour Site!

Great book week, I can't wait to get started on all my review books. I'm reading Wanted right now and OMG!!!!!!!!!

For Review:
Stork by Wendy Delsol
Karma Bites by Stacey Kramer & Valerie Thomas
Poison: A Novel of the Renaissance by Sara Poole

Wanted: A Pretty Little Liars Novel by Sara Shepard

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In other news, I started an ARC Tour site! We Love YA! Tours was created to help get a variety of ARCs read and reviewed by a variety of bloggers and to help authors promote their books. If you'd like to join visit the site here:

Current tours include: Delirium, Rich and Mad, and Hunger.
Upcoming tours include: Low Red Moon, Deception, Dangerous Neighbors, Sapphique, and more!

If you'd like to donate an ARC to go on tour or have any questions please email me:


  1. Awesome review books! They all look good! I'll have to check out the tour site. I rarely sign up for tours because I don't like the pressure to get a book read RIGHT NOW. But there have been SO many great books coming out that I'm DYING for so I've signed up for a couple. I'll go check out yours.

  2. I just posted Stork as my WoW last week, how awesome - I cant wait to read that one...and I joined your ARC tour site, awesome stuff!

  3. Stork looks and sounds really great. I never heard of Poison, but it also looks likes it's going to be awesome. Congrats on starting a ARC tours site. I usually don't participate in those because I ALWAYS want to keep the books I read, but you have some really good books going around so I'll check it out. Enjoy your new books!!!

  4. Great review books those all sound amazing. Happy Reading!

  5. Awesome books! I've been wondering about Stork, so I'll look forward to your review. I'll also have to really consider signing up though I've never done a tour because of the time and money issues... hm... Congrats on starting it up though!! :D

  6. You've just reminded me how far behind I'm getting with PLL. I need to get reading those books again. Hope you enjoy!

  7. awesome review books! i have 2 read the PLL series. but i watched the 1st ep. it was soo good! i know the books are gonna be better. Happy reading!

  8. Stork and Poison are both on my wishlist and I really need to read the PPL series. lol. Enjoy your books!

    ~Briana :D

  9. Poison looks like my kind of book! Cant wait to read your review.


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