Friday, April 9, 2010

Find Out Friday: Kelly Parra + CONTEST!

What inspired you to write novels for young adults?

Hi Kelsey, thank you so much for inviting me for an interview! Okay, as a teen, I was not an avid reader. Reading the classics was a chore. I could not relate to many of the books I was assigned during school and I had so many sensitive emotions. So when I finally fell in love books as an adult, I wanted to try and create stories for teens that high school students could lose themselves in for a while or just say, “yeah, a book that is not forced on me!”

Is there a specific person that inspired you to start writing?

The one author who I actually did want to read and stay up late reading was the original V.C. Andrews’s series. She wrote so out of the box and her suspense and tension kept me riveted!

Are you currently working on any other books?

I am still writing young adult as well as branching out into adult romantic suspense writing under the pen name Kelly Lynn Parra.

Is there any specific message you're trying to spread with your writing?

There is not just one message, but I do like to write books that deal with somewhat real issues for teens. And if there is anything I would like teens to feel it is that they are not alone with whatever issue they are dealing with.

Invisible Touch:

What was your favorite part to write in Invisible Touch?

My favorite parts of writing Invisible Touch were when Kara would see a sign. I wanted the reader to feel some tension and try to wonder what does it mean and what will happen next?

What was your inspiration for Invisible Touch?

I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal and when the TV show Ghostwhisperer aired I thought wouldn’t it be great to write about a teenager that could see signs and have to piece them together in order to solve mysteries?

Did you do any research before writing it?

I did do research about writing mysteries. It was the first time I really wanted to try and keep the reader guessing and it was a new learning experience for me.

Where did your characters names come from?

Sometimes I look up names on the Internet and sometimes I start writing down characteristics of my characters, such as the color of their hair, eyes, what they wear. Once I envision them, I start running through names that fit.


Bio: Kelly Parra’s earliest stories were told with paintbrushes, but upon discovering the drama, forbidden love, and danger of romance and suspense novels, those paintbrushes were replaced with a keyboard. Now a multi-published author, she has created memorable characters such as a graffiti artist, a psychic teen, and a tough undercover narc. A two-time RITA finalist, she divides her time between her novels, freelance writing, and the adventures of motherhood, where she juggles her home life with two children, a tattooed husband, a sweet poodle, and a stealth turtle. Learn more about Kelly at her website,


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  1. Ooh, this book looks great! I'm always interested in other writers who are working on mysteries. I'll definitely have to check this one out. Have a great weekend, Kelsey!

  2. another interesting interview, Kelsey. :)

    the book sounds good. I'm getting more and more interested in signs...

    *makes spooky sound.* ;)

  3. Great interview! I've always been interested in this book, thanks for having a giveaway!

  4. Thanks for the interview, Kelsey! I haven't read of this book till now but Invisible Touch sounds really cool! :)

  5. Great interview!! ooh, I love vc andrews, too :) Thanks for the contest!


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