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Secrets Girls Keep: What Girls Hide (& Why) and How to Break the Stress of Silence Review

Secrets Girls Keep: What Girls Hide (& Why) and How to Break the Stress of Silence by Carrie Silver- Stock
Publisher: HCI Teens
Release date: November 2, 2009
Source: Publisher

Do You Know Someone with a Secret?

This book is for every girl with a secret, which pretty much means every one. Our secrets help us, hurt us, and sometimes even haunt us beyond high school. Secrets like:

I hate the way I look.
My boyfriend yells at me.
I'm cheating my way through chemistry.
I lost my virginity and regret it.
I sent a text message about my friend that wasn't true.
I went to a party and didn't tell my parents.
My mom drinks too much.

By revealing the personal stories, struggles, and secrets of other teen girls, Carrie Silver-Stock shows how to deal with everyday stresses by being self-reliant, not silent, and how to get real about what matters. With tips and advice for teens and by teens, you'll learn how to:

• Navigate the ups and downs of dating • Make and keep good friends • Deal with school (the social scene and grades) • Handle family drama • Survive the cyber scene • And more . . .


Some people might right away step away from this book, labeling it a self help book and automatically walking away. Secrets Girls Keep is much more than a self help book, it's kind of a lifeline for teenage girls. Silver-Stock's writing was realistic and girls could relate to the topics she discussed, and learn from it. The author tackles a variety of topics- sex, friendship, school, boys, drugs, eating disorders, beauty, and much, much more. There were quotes from girls who had dealt with the certain problems and it made the reader feel like they weren't alone- there are other girls out there dealing with stress in school, friendship problems, etc. Many self help books out today just annoy me- you can tell the author knows nothing about what it's like being a teenager today and I'm wary to pick them up. But you can tell the author of this book is nothing like that, she can see right into the head of teenagers. Secrets Girls Keep is a book I will recommend to my friends and it's even good for parents.

There were little quizzes in the book, tips, suggestions, all kinds of things put together in a likable format. There's a table of contents in the beginning so you can turn to the specific page that deals with the answer your looking for, which I found really helpful. Since reading this, I've skimmed it several more times and know I will look at it more in the future.

The author never put the reader down, but rather guided them and gave suggestions on where to change things for the better. By the end of the book you'll be feeling a lot better about yourself. There are even other sources for help in the pages of Secrets Girls Keep, self help lines, websites, etc. Secrets Girls Keep will help you open up to your friends and family and is an overall great and informative read.

Realistic, honest, and truly helpful, I recommend picking up Secrets Girls Keep if you are a parent of a teenager or a teenager yourself.


Considering this is a non-fiction novel, I will not do my usual rating system!

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