Friday, February 5, 2010

Find Out Friday: Kristin Walker

What inspired you to write a novel for young adults?

After trying for years to get published in the children's book market, I finally accepted the fact that I needed to write a young adult novel. But I wanted to make it funny. Really funny. There are so many dark teen novels out there, that I figured maybe teens would like a laugh. Just being a teen is dark enough at times. Now, I adore writing for teens and tweens. They make the most enthusiastic, honest, and loyal readers. (You do!)

Are you currently working on any other books?

Right now I'm working on a middle grade paranormal, and I'm also developing another young adult novel for Razorbill.

Personally, what's your favorite young adult book?

Oh, so many! How do I choose? One that pops in my mind right away is Pete Hautman's GODLESS. It's superb.

Is there a specific author/person who inspires you?

My friend and critique partner, Nancy Viau (SAMANTHA HANSEN HAS ROCKS IN HER HEAD) inspires me enormously. We've been together on the road to publication from the very start. She gives me pep talks when I need it, kicks my butt when I need it, slices and dices my manuscripts when I need it, and sets an amazing example of how to hustle and work hard. She also laughs at my jokes and lets me crash on the pull-out couch in her beach house. She's awesome. I *heart* Nancy Viau.

Where did you get the idea for A Match Made in High School?

It came to me one morning as I woke up. I'd been trying to think of a young adult topic that would lend itself to humor, since I wanted to write a funny YA. I knew right away that the idea of a high school marriage education class could be packed with potential for funny. And it was!

Was the cover what you imagined it looking like?

Actually, I had no early visions of the cover. In my brain, I just saw a blank gray page with "Marriage Ed." typed in the middle of it. (Marriage Ed. was my original title merely because that was the name of the manuscript's Word.doc file. I stink so bad at titles.) So I didn't have a clue about how the cover should look. But the first time I saw the cover of MATCH that Razorbill sent, I thought, Yes! That's perfect! The people in the art departments of publishing houses are incredible -- and too often, unsung -- visual artists. I never could do what they do.

What part of people you know in real life did you put into your characters?

Some characters definitely have the essence of certain people I know (who shall remain nameless, hee hee). But I had a really hard time pinning down the details of the physical descriptions of Fiona and Johnny. Then I got on an airplane and the two of them were sitting right in front of me. This guy and girl fit those characters so perfectly that it was uncanny. I spent the whole flight studying them, and then I tried to take covert pictures of them in Baggage Claim. I think a few people around me thought I was either a stalker or an idiot who couldn't work a digital camera.

What's your favorite thing about Fiona?

She doesn't worry about what other people think of her. She's kind of fearless that way. She's not afraid to rock the boat, if the boat needs rocking. I envy that of Fiona because I'm a big wimp.

Great interview, Kristin & congrats on your release date!

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  1. Great interview! I want to read this too!

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  3. This book sounds like lots of fun. I agree that the YA market is pretty saturated with dark novels at the mo.

  4. The book sounds awesome, Kristin! And Nancy V really is amazing :)


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