Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Books For Trade!

The books listed below are either ones I have extra copies of or need to clear off for extra space! Email me (kelseythebookscout@gmail.com) or comment below (with your email) if you want to trade or want more info about any of the books. These are also available for SALE, email me for prices!

Flavor of the Week- Tucker Shaw
Cliquetionary: Wit & Wisdom of the Clique- Lisi Harrison
Sweetgrass Basket- Marlene Carvell
Chasing the Jaguar- Michele Dominguez Greene
Medina Hill- Trilby Kent

Triskellion- Will Peterson
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- JK Rowling
a lot of the Cat Who... books

One Wish- Leigh Brescia
Surf Mules- G. Neri
My Invisible Boyfriend- Susie Day

Library Bound:
Sunlight and Shadow- Cameron Dokey
So Yesterday- Scott Westerfeld
Friends With Benefits: A Nannies Novel by Melody Mayer
A Friend at Midnight- Caroline B. Cooney

I'm going to update this every once and a while so keep checking back! Also, I don't have a specific wishlist, I mainly like new/newish YA so email me
with a list of books you have to trade!


  1. Nothing for me to trade really, but I hope you get some nice trades! :D

  2. Would you be willing to sell any of these?

  3. Definitely Kelly! I looked for an email address on your blog but couldn't find one. Shoot me an email and we can work something out!

  4. Hey, I'd like to trade for the Max Ride book...ps I love the trading idea! <3 Ally

  5. Ally- send me an email (kelseythebookscout@gmail.com) so we can work something out!

  6. Hey Kelsey I'm interested in one or two of the ARCs on your list...were there any books specifically that you're looking for? Let me know.


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