Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Specials (2)

Cool new blogs!

Sara @ YA Vampire Books
"My name is Sara and I have been blogging for about two and a half months. I was born in Sweden, but I have lived in the US (Washington D.C) for six months (during December 08 - May 09), so if my grammar sucks sometimes, you know why! ;) My blog is basically about Vampires. I mostly write about vampire books (Books I want to read, and reviews of books I have read), but also TV series, music and movies. I have a weekly future called Vampire of the Week, where I future hot vampires! (Edward, Angel, Spike, Bill - you know the drill! :p) If anyone has a suggestion for a future Vampire of the Week - don't hesitate to tell me!"

Erin @ Erin Explores YA
"I'm currently completing my Masters of Library and Information Science. My blog was originally part of a course I took on young adult materials. I decided to keep it up once the class finished. I try to highlight Canadian authored or Canadian published YA whenever possible. Also, I'm participating in the CYBILS this year as a first-round judge in the MG/YA Non-Fiction category."

Kari @ A Good Addiction
"I am a 24 year old bibliophile and aspiring author that spends my downtime living the fictional world, both my own and others. I post updates about my novel progress on my blog, partly just because it motivates me to keep going with it so I have something to update rather than just not doing it. My favorite author of all time is Jodi Picoult and I have read all her books but the first 3, which got pushed to the wayside when I came into the YA world hard and strong and now that I am writing a YA fantasy novel of my own, I seem to be stuck in it but when I read those books, and her new one coming out in March, I will be posting tose reviews as well on my blog. For YA Authors, I really like Rick Yancey- I recently read the Monstrumologist by him and LOVED it. The Darkest Powers, Vampire Academy, and Percy Jackson series are also ones that I really enjoy and appreciate the writing in it."

Danielle @ Opinionated? Me?
"I like to think I offer witty, in depth reviews of YA, horror and fantasy books, as well as movies. I'm a high school student (fresh-meat, baby) and often use this to determine whether a YA book features "realistic" angst or "adult" angst--as in, the type of angst adults assume all teenagers have even though most teenagers would beat up any kid who was whining about said angst. I update about two to four times a week."

All these blogs are awesome so be sure to check them out!

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  1. Wow this is a really good idea. I am going to have to start following these blogs. =]

  2. Great feature! I just filled out the form. :)


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