Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moon Rise Review

Moon Rise by Marilee Brothers
Publisher: Belle Bridge Books
Release date: July 22, 2009
Source: Publisher
Other books in the series: Moonstone (Book #1), Moon Spun (Book #3)

Her mom's still dating losers. Her boyfriend's gone back to Mexico. Dad still hasn't told his wife and kids that she exists. At school, the drama queens and bullies still rule. But worst of all for Allie Emerson--aka the Star Seeker of an old Gypsy prophecy--is that her powers have taken a hike. She can't read minds anymore. She can't move stuff just by looking at it. The other Star Seekers are counting on her psychic gifts more than ever, and the evil Tri-marks are closing in, eager to snatch her magic moonstone necklace while she's helpless. The hot new guy at school is ready and willing to fight her battles, but he comes with some wicked baggage. "Dear Diary: I'm a little worried. My new BF is a demon."
Welcome again to Allie Emerson's funny, scary, amazing, and always unpredictable life, as the girl voted least likely to save the world from evil.

Moon Rise was a great sequel to Moonstone the first book in the Unbidden Magic series. It was very exciting with twists and turns in the plot on every page. I almost liked this book better than the first it was so hard to put down, with a bunch of excitements and secrets revealed. Allie learned more about the moonstone and her powers and uncovered more secrets about her past. I also liked the new characters that were introduced in this book- Beck, Nicole, Luella, among others. Beck was great and the truth about him and his sister is really neat. That’s a great part of the book. I was really glad that Claude made an entrance in this book, I’m eager to find out more about him and his wife. All in all the plot was great, and the ending left me really eager for the next book in the series.

I don’t always like Allie, she acts better than she really is and at times seems like she’s bragging. That’s really the only complaint I have about this book, and the mystery and suspense surrounding the plot made me overlook some of the other downfalls and get really engrossed in what was happening. By the end it was pretty impossible to put down and although some of the loose ends were tied up, I know there’s going to be another book, because so much was left unsolved. I’m also hoping to hear more about Beck and Nicole’s past. Half-demons aren’t something you hear about very often, so that added an intriguing touch to the book.

All in all I would definitely recommend Moon Rise, but only after you’ve read the first book, Moonstone. It had suspense, romance, excitement, and much more. A great read that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. This book sounds like my kind of book! I'll check out the 1st book. It looks really good.

  2. I've never heard of either books, but I'll have to check them out. Great review!

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