Saturday, September 26, 2009

Invisible Touch Book Review

Invisible Touch by Kelly Para
Publisher: MTV Books
Release date: October 14, 2008
Source: One ARC Tours

Do you believe in fate?

Kara Martinez has been trying to be "normal" ever since the accident that took her father's life when she was eleven years old. She's buried the caliente side of her Mexican heritage with her father and tried to be the girl her rigid mother wants her to be--compliant and dressed in pink, and certainly not acting out like her older brother Jason. Not even Danielle, her best friend at Valdez High, has seen the real Kara; only those who read her anonymous blog know the deepest secrets of the sign seer.

Because Kara has a gift--one that often feels like a curse. She sees signs, visions that are clues to a person's fate, if she can put together the pieces of the puzzle in time. So far, she's been able to solve the clues and avert disaster for those she's been warned about--until she sees the flash of a gun on a fellow classmate, and the stakes are raised higher than ever before. Kara does her best to follow the signs, but it's her heart that wanders into new territory when she falls for a mysterious guy from the wrong side of town, taking her closer to answers she may not be able to handle. Will her forbidden romance help her solve the deadly puzzle before it's too late...or lead her even further into danger?

Invisible Touch far exceeded my expectations, it was well written, exciting, and overall a heart wrenching read. It was practically impossible to put down and it drew a lot of different emotions from me- from laughing to crying. It was such a unique idea- fate. Lately I've read a couple of books dealing with "fate" and I've learned a lot about it. Fate is an interesting topic and one I definitely want to read more about. Kelly Para writing style was unique and Kara was a character I liked. Her blog was also a great twist to the story. I loved all the little sub-plots that kept the novel going. I also learned a lot about Mexican culture. Another thing that really attracted me to this book was how rich it was in culture. It was interesting to see how Para combined culture and fate in what came out as a great novel. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more MTV Books now, especially Para's other novel, Graffiti Girl.

I would definitely recommend this novel to everyone. It would appeal to both boys and girls and it has a lot of important lessons. Kara's visions were an important part of the novel and really added an aspect to it that kept me hooked. It was interesting reading Kara's blog entries and there was a twist with that I didn't expect. The characters were all well developed and I really liked Anthony. He was a nice, honest guy who just wanted the best for Kara. Family was another big part of Invisible Touch and I really liked that. It was interesting to read how Kara, Jason, and their mom's relationship progressed and changed throughout the book. The only complaint I really had was some of the characters didn't seem as developed as they could have been. I didn't really know that much about Danielle or Carlos, and many of the people who seemed like they should be main characters, seemed a little flat. All in all, I enjoyed it though and as I've said before, I would highly recommend this book and the cover is a nice addition to anyone's collection!

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. Great review! Never heard of the book before, but it sounds really great.

  2. Awesome review! I rarely hear about this book, I'll definitely check it out ;]

  3. I got this book at Borders for three bucks, so I definitely have to read it soon : D Very nice review!

  4. I just received this book and I can't wait to read it! I'm going to try and read/review it before Hispanic Heritage Month ends.
    Thanks for the great review :)

  5. This sounds like such a great book. Thanks for the great review, Kelsey!

  6. Nice review! I've been wanting to read this, and now I really want to!


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