Sunday, August 23, 2009

My First Challenge!

I've been thinking about what challenge I wanted to do and I recently found this one, it looks like fun;

K- Kiss Me, Kill Me by Lauren Henderson
E- Exclusively Chloe by J.A. Yang
L- Love You, Hate You, Miss You by Elizabeth Scott
S- Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow
E- Elite, The by Jennifer Banash
Y-Year My Sister Got Lucky, The by Aimee Friedman

I have until December 31 to read & review all these books, and I'm really excited to begin my first challenge!


  1. Sounds like fun! Did you just choose books that started with the letter?
    I might do this.

  2. cute! I'll sign up even though i signed up 4 a ton of challenges but this one looks cute/cool lol :D

  3. That's a really fun idea! I might look out for a challenge too.

  4. That is a really cute idea! Sounds fun and those books look pretty good : D


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