Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases for the First Half of 2019

Book 1: SPIN THE DAWN by Elizabeth Lim - Project Runway meets Mulan??? Yes! The comparison immediately drew me in and I love that this is a fantasy focusing on Chinese culture. The cover is also beautiful. SPIN THE DAWN is also the first in a new series. (Coming July 30, 2019)

Book 2: LOST ROSES by Martha Hall Kelly - Kelly's 2018 release, LILAC GIRLS, was one of my favorite reads last year. LOST ROSES will feature relatives of some of the LILAC GIRLS' characters and is set in 1914. I love historical fiction and can't wait to get my hands on this one! (Coming April 9, 2019)

Book 3: AMERICAN PRINCESS by Stephanie Thornton - While most of us are at least familiar with President Teddy Roosevelt, her daughter is a bit of an enigma. I am so excited to read about Alice Roosevelt and Washington, DC at this point in time. (Coming March 12, 2019)

Book 4: SLAYER by Kiersten White - SLAYER comes out today, but it is definitely one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I recently finished White's Conqueror Saga and the Paranormalcy series so am in need of a new series by her! I am also a huge Buffy fan. Sounds like this is going to be awesome. (Comes out today)

Book 5: SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE LEE by Jean Kwok - Kwok's GIRL IN TRANSLATION was a fantastic and emotional read, so I am eager to see how SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE LEE is. It looks to be a story steeped in culture and family secrets. The early reviews I have seen on Goodreads are also fairly overwhelmingly positive which makes me even more excited to read this one. (Coming June 4, 2019)

Book 6: BLACK LEOPARD, RED WOLF by Marlon James - The fact that this was described as an "African Game of Thrones" immediately caught my eye. I am also hoping to read more books by writers of color this year. BLACK LEOPARD, RED WOLF looks to be the start of a powerful new epic, fantasy series and I can't wait to get my hands on it. (Coming February 5, 2019)

Book 7: THE NIGHT OLIVIA FELL by Christina McDonald - This is another thriller centered around family secrets. I love a good mystery and this is also McDonald's debut. The comparison to Big Little Lies also drew me in as that is one of my favorite thrillers. Can't wait to read this one! (Coming February 5, 2019)

Book 8: WE CAST A SHADOW by Maurice Carlos Ruffin - Wow, this sounds terrifying simply because of how relevant it is. Unfortunately racism is still alive and well today. Ruffin's debut novel imagines a world where it is possible to be turned white in order to protect yourself. While I am sure this will be a challenging read I am eager to see how Ruffin develops his characters in this near-future society. (Coming January 29, 2019)

Book 9: WILDER GIRLS by Rory Power - WILDER GIRLS is Rory Power's debut novel and easily one of my most anticipated YA releases of 2019. This sounds like a creepy and engaging thriller. Plus strong female characters are the best! Looking forward to getting my hands on this. (Coming July 9, 2019)

Book 10: DEAR GEORGE, DEAR MARY by Mary Calvi - Another historical fiction novel I can't wait to read. I have always been interested in George Washington, but know very little about his relationships before Martha. I always find it interesting to read about women in our country's history who are long forgotten. Many times they played a significant role that was simply lost in time. (Coming February 19, 2019)


Are any of these on your 2019 TBR list? 

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  1. I'm excited for "Slayer," too! I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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