Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Tour: Victoria Schwab Interview

Stopping by today is the fabulous and funny Victoria Schwab- author of the newly released The Near Witch. Read on to find out more about her pets, upcoming projects, and much more!

1. What has your experience as a 2011 debut author been like so far?

Nerve-wracking! Like sitting in a holding cell with a bunch of people, and they get taken out one by one until the group dwindles...most of my friends had books that came out before mine, and I feel like I'm one of the last in the holding cell! I'm ready to be free, but also scared because I don't quite know what's on the other side. I know what it looks like, from glimpses through the door, but not how it FEELS.

2. Is there an old story about your town that frightens people?

I think the problem is that I grew up with a distinct lack of urban legends, of stories to twist my towns into places darker, more fanciful. So I dreamt them up. I concocted tales about the dead singing, and people made of shadow who lurked in spaces between, etc. I grew up looking for ways to make my world more magical. I'm still doing that.

3. In what ways do you relate to Lexi?

She's exceedingly stubborn. And desperate to prove that she can do *anything*.

4. Do you have any pets? If so, can you tell us about them?

Hah, my family has 5 pets. Two cats––one who looks like the godfather and one who looks like the mean redhead in A Christmas Story––and three dogs––a golden who is Eeyore incarnate, a 16-year-old terrier I'm becoming convinced is a robot dog sent from the future, and lastly, a shepherd mutt. The mutt is mine, and he resembles nothing more than a very, very ill-tempered teddy bear.

5. What's next for you writing wise?

Next up is a book called THE ARCHIVED. It holds my soul in a little box, I love it so. It is a bit like Buffy meets The Shining. If THE NEAR WITCH is a poem, or a quirky piece by Mirah, THE ARCHIVED is a rock song.

Thanks so much, Victoria! I loved The Near Witch (my review was posted yesterday) and I highly recommend it! Be sure to visit her website for more information! Also, be sure to follow the rest of the stops on the blog tour (hosted by The Teen Book Scene)


  1. I love following Victoria on Twitter and on the YA Rebels so this interview was awesome! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks for that interview. I just bought Victoria's book and am glad to read just about anything about her and her process.

  3. Buffy meets The Shining for her next book? I'm curious! ;)

    Wonderful interview!


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