Friday, June 3, 2011

Blog Tour: Character This or That with Shelly from Popular

Today I'm excited to be hosting Shelly- one of the main characters in Alissa Grosso's debut novel Popular.

Character This or That List for Shelly Trust

Malibu or Miami?
Malibu, of course. Miami is for the commoners.

Pizza or Pasta?
Pasta suits my refined tastes far better than a greasy slice of pizza, but frankly, I prefer fine French cuisine.

Cats or Dogs?
As long as it's purebred, I don't have a preference.

Skirts or Dresses?
Well, it depends on the occasion, naturally, but for everyday wear a tailored skirt paired with a cashmere sweater is always in style.

TV or Movies?
The benefit of having the deluxe cable package and a huge library of DVDs is that one never lacks for entertainment. I tend to prefer a film to a television show, but that's because so many of the programs aired on television are clearly aimed at the lower class.

Reading or Writing?
Well, it's hardly as if I have time for either. Being popular takes a lot of time.

Flip flops or Sneakers?
A pair of designer flip flops is the best way to show off my pedicure.

Pool or Ocean?
I miss the pool at our old country club, though I'm sure a getaway to a tropical island might help to alleviate my misery. Oh, and either the pool or the ocean would be a perfect spot for wearing those designer flip flops.

Lady Gaga or Kesha?
It's no contest. Lady Gaga is clearly more popular.

Pop Rocks or Nerds?
Popular girls need to avoid associating with nerds at all costs, and that includes candy named for the socially inept. So, Pop Rocks it is.

Thanks so much Alissa and Shelly! Be sure to stop back on Monday when I will be sharing my thoughts on Popular!

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