Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Tour: Amanda Ashby Interview and Scavenger Hunt Letter

Stopping by today as part of her blog tour is the hilarious Amanda Ashby! Read on to find out about her new middle grade project, her favorite travel destinations, and much more!

1. You've written about all kinds of magical creatures (zombies, angels, and faeries). What is one creature you would love to write about, but haven't yet?

This is going to sound weird but right now I’m obsessed with birds! In the YA book I just finished writing, one of the characters uses the shape of an owl to get around but that didn’t seem to quench my bird-mania so I’m thinking that birds will be next on the list (once I figure out that small problem of plot!!!!)

2. Has your writing style changed at all from your first book to now? Do you plan differently or name characters in a new way?

Yes, it definitely has! I actually went back and line-edited my first published novel, You Had Me at Halo so I can release it on Kindle and I nearly died at the clunky writing! I remember when I first wrote it, it felt like I was desperately trying to control a runaway horse, where as the last book I finished was a joy to write and I felt like I was in control for the entire time. I think the difference is that now I look deeper into my characters before I start the actual writing, where as before, I would figure things out as I went along and then I would go back and try and make it all work (and would repeat that process every chapter!).

Though saying that, I actually find it harder to write books now than I used, but I think that’s because I always want to make the next one better than the last!

3. On your website you talk about a new project- a middle grade series about djinns. Can you tell us anything about that?

Yes I can! I still don’t have a series title but it looks like book one might be called Sophie’s Magical Mix Up and is about an eleven year old girl (called Sophie!!!!) who accidently gets turned into a djinn the day before sixth grade starts! She then has to spend her time learning how to use her new powers while hiding it all from her stressed-out mom. None of which is helped by the fact that her ghostly djinn guide, Malik gets her into more trouble than you can ever imagine. There are three books and in each one, Sophie has to learn to control a different part of her magic and she is also trying to solve the mystery of why her father disappeared four years earlier.

4. If Emma, Mia, and Holly could spend the day together- what would they do?

Holly and Mia are like two peas in a pod and those girls would shop all day long and then go home and watch movies and boxed DVD sets. As for Emma, shopping isn’t really her thing and half the time she doesn’t even remember to brush her hair, but she would try and keep up with the other two, though she would secretly be bored and probably end up texting Curtis Green about the best way to use throwing knives when going on a slaying trip.

5. I see you've lived in quite a few different countries. What are some of your favorite places to visit around the world?

I love Paris! I only went for a week but it was amazing. At the time my husband and I were poor backpackers and we hardly had any money at all, but that didn’t stop us from having the best time ever. Going to the Louvre was one of the highlights.

Fiji is also a very special place to visit! My friend was born there and when I stayed with her family I was spoiled rotten. Plus the beaches are truly to die for!


Thanks so much Amanda! I posted my review of Fairy Bad Day yesterday and I can say it was a great read! I definitely recommend checking it out.


This tour is also a scavenger hunt. Be sure to visit each of the stops on the blog tour and collect the bolded letter at the bottom of the post. On June 25 you will have the opportunity to enter the word you created from the mixed up letters on Amanda's blog ( to win a fun prize pack. The pack includes a signed copy of Fairy Bad Day, some candy, and cute cell phone charms.



  1. Birds? Can't wait to see how she does that one! Interesting to hear how her writing style has developed. The Magical Mixup series sounds fun! Great interview!

  2. Amanda is really making me want to go to Fiji! I love the sound of her upcoming middle grade series too, :)

    Fabulous interview!


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