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Review: Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti
Lani and Erin are lifelong best friends — and total opposites. Lani’s a down-to-earth Taurus; Erin’s a fiery Leo. Lani likes to do her own thing; Erin prefers an entourage. They’ve always had wildly different tastes, from pizza toppings to guys.
That is, until Erin starts dating Jason.
From the minute Lani meets Jason, she can’t deny the amazing connection she feels with him. It’s like they’ve known each other their whole lives. She’s not sure if he feels it, too — but even if he does, he’s off-limits. Lani’s determined to ignore her feelings for Jason, no matter how powerful they are, rather than hurt her best friend.
Then Erin goes away for the summer — and Jason seems to appear everywhere Lani turns. How long can she keep running from the guy who just might be the love of her life?


Something Like Fate was my first read by Susane and it definitely won't be my last. I received this around the same time as The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott and I decided to wait a while to read it since the plots were so similar. I'm glad I waited because I really did like it. Susane is a terrific writer and presented high school life in a believable and understandable way. The plot may be one that has been done a few times over, but Susane put her own twist on things and created an overall unique and fast moving novel.

To start with, there were a variety of characters in this book and each one had a significant role in the story. Lani, the main character, was not the most likable character ever and at times I just wanted to grab her shoulders and scream at her to stand up for herself. She was weak and didn't stand up for herself and what she wanted. I loved the fact that she was so pro-environment and encouraged people to recycle and save the planet. Her other "hobby" was horoscopes, fate, palm reading, etcetera. This played a huge role in the story and fate and horoscopes were constantly being discussed. I personally don't really read much into horoscopes but Susane Colansati made them believable and tied them into the story in a unique and fun way.

Lani and her best friend, Erin, have been tied together ever since an accident a few years ago and Lani feels as though she owes Erin. Erin was a character I couldn't stand. She was so mean to Lani and never paused to hear Lani's side of the story. Erin was dating Jason, but the first time Jason and Lani meet they feel a connection. They are so alike and it appears that fate has brought them together. When Erin goes away to camp, leaving Jason and Lani behind, it's hard for them to keep hiding their feelings for one another. Jason was a nice guy, but there was always something a little off about him to me. He was sweet and kind to Lani but I never truly connected with him.

There were a few subplots in the book, the biggest involving Lani's friend Blake. I loved Blake and always wanted the best for him. Also, Lani's job was mentioned quite a few times and it made me want to rush out and pick raspberries.

The plot of Something Like Fate was well orchestrated and I liked how the subplots were tied in to the story. Lani was a main character I got easily frustrated with, but at the same time I really felt bad for her. Overall, Something Like Fate was a quick read that left me eager to pick up more by Susane Colasanti. I recommend it to fans of contemporary fiction and to those who enjoy Sarah Dessen and Elizabeth Scott's novels.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

May 10, 2010/Viking Juvenile/268 Pages/Young Adult

Source: Trade (ARC)
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  1. This does sound a lot like The Unwritten Rule. Which I've had sitting on my shelf since last May. Maybe I'll get around to reading both of them but I will probably put some distance between reading the two.

  2. Sounds like a great book! I'll have to add that to my list of books to pick up :)

  3. I haven't read this one but I've really liked Colasanti's earlier books. I recommend reading WHEN IT HAPPENS next as I definitely think that's her strongest one.


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