Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Tour: Character Interview With Ashley from Moonglass

Stopping by today is the fabulous Ashley from Moonglass! I definitely recommend picking this up when it releases next month- I loved it!

1. What was your first reaction after meeting Anna?

I thought she was totally nice and looked like somebody who needed a friend, you know? And maybe a new running outfit.

2. Cross country just wasn't your thing, but I know you wanted to try out for the dance team. How did that work out?

Well it turned out dance was really hard too, so I'm now designing them some new outfits for their competitions. They're gonna look fab!

3. High school can be some of the toughest years for teenagers; dealing with friends, boys, school work, parents... Do you have any advice for making it through every day with a smile?

There’s nothing a good friend, a skinny latte, and a massage can’t get you through!

4. Are you glad you moved and started attending Coast High?

Definitely. It’s totally helped me to broaden my horizons and meet people I wouldn't have met before.

5. Do you have any idea of where you want to go to college and/or what you want to do as an adult?

I’m not sure about college college. I’m thinking maybe design school or something like that. As an adult I'd want to do something I love and am good at, so that's probably the best place to start.


Thanks so much to Ashley and Jessi for answering my questions! Be sure to visit Jessi's website for more info on her and her debut, Moonglass! Also keep your eye out for my review- coming soon!


  1. Great character interview! Moonglass sounds fantastic. I can't wait to read it! :)

  2. Great Character Interview!! The questions are perfect and the Answers are definitely Ashley!

  3. fun!

    I can't wait to read Moonglass.


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