Sunday, October 3, 2010

Introducing 2011: Amy Holder

Amy's debut novel, THE LIPSTICK LAWS, will be published in April 2011 by HMH/Graphia!


1. What was the inspiration for The Lipstick Laws?

I really wanted to have fun while writing this book, so first and foremost, I wanted to write an entertaining read. Apart from that, I was also inspired to explore the ups and downs of social hierarchies in high school, while delving into body image issues and social bullying within the plot.

2. In what ways are you similar to April?

For starters, we both have naturally curly hair that we wish we could trade in for long, thick, straight locks. I'd love to be able to let my hair air dry out of the shower without looking like Medusa's twin... and so would April. We also share a similar sense of humor and a love of good sales. April's desire to fit in and be accepted is something I struggled with as a teen as well, which I think is a pretty common feeling at that age.

3. Did you put any of your high school experiences into The Lipstick Laws?

The high school and town in this story are fictional, but they're set near the real area that I'm originally from and spent my high school years around. A mall that I used to constantly patrol as a teen even makes an appearance in the book, so that's one aspect borrowed directly from my teen years. Without giving away any spoilers, there are some other minor aspects of the book that are loosely inspired by my high school experiences, but no scenes are exact matches.

4. What was your reaction to seeing your awesome cover?

After freaking out in the confused presence of my pets, I shared it with family and friends, posted it all over the internet (after the okay from my editor), printed it out and taped it to my desk to stare at, and lastly, I created a shrine to worship Carol (the cover designer). Okay, I'm exaggerating on the shrine bit, but Carol would be fully deserving of that kind of worship.

5. If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be and why?

Oooh... This is a tough question because there are so many places I want to travel to. Australia has always been on the top of my travel wish list because I'd love to see Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. Not to mention, who can resist an Australian accent? A close second would be Ireland because I'm part Irish, and it would be wonderful to see where some of my ancestors came from.


Thanks so much, Amy!

Click here to visit Amy's website!


  1. That was a wonderful interview and heeh the cover is indeed wonderful!

  2. great interview -- australian accents make me swoon, too.

  3. Yay for Amy! I also love the cover of the book, it's awesome.

    Amy, I can't believe your hair is naturally curly! Mine is too, so I can relate to always wanting it straight. Going to the beach can do lots of damage to the hairdo.

    Fun interview, thanks!

  4. Awesome interview!!! I would have freaked out in front of my pets, showed my family and their co-workers and the world my cover! The Lipstick Laws cover rocks!

    I'm a new follower, and of course adore Amy Holder!!

  5. Love this interview and Amy. She's awesome! I can't wait to read her debut :P

  6. I'm reading her book now. It's fab-loving it so far :D


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